Assembly presented new editions for public activists


Three electronic publications were prepared as a result of several trainings, workshops and round tables organized by the Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs of Belarus during the last year.

Brochures are aimed at activists who are making their first steps in the civil sector, but the publication on seeking internal financing will be useful to all interested parties, activists, leaders of the newly established non-governmental organizations.


 “How to find funding for civil activities in Belarus”

The brochure dwells on the reasons for success of the recent Belarusian crowdfunding campaigns and contains practical advice for managing this kind of campaigns. Eight experts explain in their texts the differences between the social and business projects, reveal certain lifehacks for those seeking resources for social programs, as well as offer guidelines and techniques that proved successful.

“The role of NGOs in the development of civil society”

With brochure contains about the situation with the civil sector in Belarus, non-governmental organizations and their role in the development of the local community, the basic ways of building a successful organization, the main elements that determine the success of an NGO. This knowledge will help readers to create and register a non-governmental organization, solve local problems with the help of NGOs, unite and achieve success.

“How to write a successful project. A practical guide for beginners”

The publication is aimed at the beginners in the sphere of fundraising. Many important questions, such as cross-cutting issues in the project, logical framework approach, gender approach, etc., are not considered here. However, having learned the material, one can learn how to write a successful application and work successfully with foundations having funding that corresponds to the basic level of organization in the field of fundraising.