“Protect What’s Yours!” 2014

Campaign was aimed at uniting civil activists and non-governmental organizations in order to protect national and cultural identity of the Belarusans, including the language, culture and historic memory, as well as enhancing Belarusan citizens’ understanding of their belonging to the European civilization.

“Let’s Make It Better!” 2002-2014

The national campaign started in 2002 in several Belarusan cities with different actions and events aimed at solving local social, ecological and other issues, as well as launching better contact with the local population. The campaign is held by civil activists annually and lasts for several months.

Campaign against the development of the draft Law “On Non-Commercial Organizations”, 2011

The Assembly of NGOs and Legal Transformation Centre initiated development of a collective petition containing comments on the draft law. The petition signed by 112 organizations uniting over 270,000 members was sent to the Parliament and Government. As a result, the draft Law “On Non-Commercial Organizations” was not approved.

VybiRight! 2010-2011

Campaign was launched before the Presidential elections-2010 and aimed at motivating Belarusan citizens to make a responsible choice. In 2010, round tables, competitions were held and a music CD VybiRight was released. The campaign enhanced citizens’ feeling of independence and their willingness to act.

“Stop 193.1!” launched in 2009

The purpose of the campaign is to abolish Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code which establishes criminal responsibility for participation in the activities of an unregistered organization. In the frames of the campaign, monitoring of the legal situation is held, several flashmobs and round tables were held, series of informational cartoons were released.

For Freedom! 2005-2007

Campaign was aimed at activation of supporters of changes for Belarus through promotion of the concept of freedom as an essential value. The campaign was based on multimedia visualization and technical and organizational support of the activists. The slogan “For Freedom!” became very popular and was caught up by politicians.

Our Solidarity, 2003-2005

Campaign was launched as a reaction to the forced liquidation of dozens of NGOs by the authorities and aimed at protecting NGO rights. In the frames of the campaign, round tables, public hearings and protests were organized, collective petitions addressed to Belarusan and international MPs and Head of the Constitutional Court were sent, propositions of possible changes in legislation on public organizations were prepared, etc.

Vybiraj! (Elect!), 2001

Campaign was developed by the Assembly member organizations before the Presidential elections-2011 and included dissemination of materials as well as organization of numerous actions.

SOS! Third Sector, 1999

Campaign was initiated to advocate interests of independent NGOs which were forced by the authorities to undergo obligatory re-registration in 1999. Human right defending organizations-members of the Assembly united to provide Belarusan NGOs with qualified legal support. Numerous travels of the lawyers to the regions were organized, 300 NGOs received help in preparation of documents and complaints, several of them managed to win their cases in the court.