Draft decree on foreign gratuitous aid: Lawtrend comment.

Over the past few days, numerous NGOs representatives have repeatedly turned to the Legal Transformation Center with a request on how serious are the draft changes planned to be introduced into the Decree #5 of the President of the Republic of Belarus from August 31, 2015, “On foreign donations” aimed at improving the procedure for obtaining, using foreign gratuitous assistance, and its exemption from taxes and fees (duties).

Principles of Human Rights Work in Belarus Were Published

This document presents a set of professional and ethical principles determining the requirements for human rights defenders and their professional activities. It is based on the ethical criteria and traditions of human rights work in Belarus, as well as on the international standards and rules for human rights activities.

Апублікаваныя “Прынцыпы дзейнасьці праваабаронцаў Беларусі”

Больш за 70 беларускіх праваабаронцаў прынялі ўдзел у стварэньні дакумэнту, каб пазьбегнуць супярэчнасьцяў паміж людзьмі, уцягнутымі ў сфэру абароны правоў чалавека. Дакумэнт адкрыты для далучэньня!

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